Alex Goldblum is a photographer, filmmaker, and author from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Trained as an apprentice in film, screenwriting, and videography at an early age at Pittsburgh Filmmakers Institute, Alex went on to study Film & Media Arts at Temple University in Philadelphia. After completing a Master of Arts degree at The New School for Media Studies, Alex has gone on to lead a multi-faceted career in art, photography, and moviemaking.

At the age of eighteen, Alex Goldblum made his first trip to Europe. Traveling to over twenty-five countries across four continents, Alex has made motion pictures on location in India, Italy, Israel, and Palestine. In 2005, Alex traveled to China to attend the Beijing Film Academy’s International Student Film and Video Festival, where he won an honorable mention. Goldblum’s work has been screened in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Monte Carlo, Monaco, Lahore, Pakistan, Crested Butte, Colorado, and Tel Aviv, Israel.

Alex Goldblum’s work in Photography has been printed in Adbusters Magazine, Vancouver, British Columbia, and on the New York Times website. The trailer for his movie, “The Thin Green Line,” was streamed on Y-Net, a popular Israeli Internet site in January 2011. In 2012 Boksenbaum Fine Art Gallery debuted an exhibit of Alex’s work in High Definition Color Printing entitled “A Photographic Journey.” Goldblum’s documentary film “The Thin Green Line” won an Award of Recognition from The IndieFEST Film Awards in 2022.